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as eroding arches collide 2021

for string quartet 

Program notes

[in search for]
A sense of vastness
within this confined space or
not unlike colliding fragments,
summoning their greater
virtual absurd continuations to
each line interrupted.

They live on and
find other

[whether wail or wonder]
They who became another,
the “center of a powerful and baffled will”
unified (and also not); resisting its boundedness.

[whilom withered and weathered]

eroding figments of yore.
An escape to a parallel existence, whose purple
and silver glares fail by touch
or have never existed.

Finalist of the 12th Annual Mivos/Kanter String Quartet Prize


Supported by the Latin American Fellowship (New Music on the Point)

Written for the JACK Quartet 

Premiere info

Christopher Otto and Austin Wulliman, violins
John Pickford Richards, viola
Jay Campbell, cello

Recorded by Brian Riordan at Salisbury Congregational Church, Vermont, June 2021.

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