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proximity nodiless etchings) 2023

for flute and violin

Program notes

"proximity (bodiless etchings)" ventures into a metaphorical realm, summoning the imagery of gestures that sculpt the intangible into ethereal forms. Within this evocative sonic landscape, the act of shaping intangible ephemeral sonic sculptures seeks to unlock hidden truths and unexplored connections within the musical material. As the flute and violin voices navigate in varying degrees and types of separation, they trace ethereal strokes, imprinting the performance space with invisible marks that perhaps evoke radiant lights and elusive whispers.

The composition aspires to forge an intimate conversational space, where sonic memories blur and still find embodiment. From delicate suggestions to impassioned declarations, the performers unfold nuanced gestures across a series of sections that hint at the essence of variations, yet never fully embracing it. Their interpretations navigate this nuanced terrain in which subtleties are highlighted and its very idea of closeness is questioned.

Premiere info

Andrea Biagini, flutes
Chiara Franceschini, violin

Recorded by David Giacchè at Centro Studi Musicali della Valtiberina, 23 July 2023, Sansepolcro, Italy.

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