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surrogate heart 2022
for 2 trombonists, accessory instruments and electronics.

Written for and premiered by RAGE Thormbones.


Premiere Info
Weston Olencki - trombone and accessory instruments (expression pedal+transistors, bowed plastic and snare drum)
Mattie Barbier - trombone and accessory instruments (1/4-inch jack+guitar pedals, prepared vinyl tubing, brushes and snare drum)

Electronics (Max/MSP patch) performed by the composer.

Recorded by Andrew Harlan (with additional support from Hallie Smith, Jon Yu and Curtis Rumrill) at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT), UC Berkeley, California/USA, April 2022.


Trombone | Emotional Interface | Sound Exciters | Prepared Instruments | Extended Performance Practices | Field Recordings

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